San Diego tree services

Quite often, homeowners are surprised when they find out that one of their trees is severely unhealthy. This is because a number of common ailments affect trees almost invisibly, from the interior or in their roots. Trees in San Diego are contracting deadly and harmful diseases and pathogens at alarming rates, lately, due to the prolonged drought. Drought puts a great amount of stress on popular yard trees, making them vulnerable and weak. It may not be worth it to care for a high-maintenance tree, in these conditions, when there are so many drought-resistant alternatives.

If your trees don’t respond to your care, you can talk to a professional San Diego tree services company about your options. It may be that your tree is in need of a good trimming, or it may be best to have it removed. For services such as tree trimming, tree removal and even emergency tree service, our team at AAA Emergency Tree Service have the expertise and equipment to provide you with the most quality work.