Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide 24 hour nationwide emergency tree service with the utmost professionalism at every step in the process while ensuring the safety of our clients and their property as our highest priority.


In October of 2006, one of Joe’s clients introduced him to Love Outreach Ministries, a faith based organization which runs multiple charitable programs in southeast India including an orphanage and two leper colonies. Joe was inspired by their works and developed a model to help them raise money. He founded the PhilanthropicBusinessNetwork.org as a way to inform his clients about the philanthropy his business was doing. The Network is also a way to get businesses thinking about their current philanthropy efforts and encourage them to include philanthropy in their business model in a new way. Through this model, AAA Emergency Tree Service has raised over $75,000 since 2006. This allowed Love Outreach Ministries to open a trade school graduating over 50 women each year with seamstress and tailoring skills. In the fall of 2011, an orphanage and clinic opened and plans to double in size by the beginning of 2013.

Joe is working on opening up PhilanthropicBusinessNetwork.org to other businesses to promote philanthropy in all forms: in support of humanity, our mother earth, faith based or not. He just loves doing this work and would like to share his joy in it with others. Please visit PhilanthropicBusinessNetwork.org for more information.

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