Minneapolis Tree Removal could Greatly Benefit Allergy Sufferers this Year

Many Minneapolis residents are already feeling the difference in their allergies, this year.  In fact, some allergy sufferers are reporting that their symptoms are going beyond the usual congestion and itchy eyes, saying that they feel ill and even weak.  Several have ended up in the hospital and are considering getting Minneapolis tree removal services in order to reduce the pollen in their immediate environment.

What is it about this year that is making allergies worse for everyone?  According to climate studies over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in pollen production for two main reasons:

  • Increased carbon
  • Climate warming

Due to the increase in carbon in the atmosphere, plants, like ragweed, and trees, like birches and oaks, are actually capable of producing more pollen.  Due to warmer and warmer days, the pollen season has been lengthening over the years.  Longer pollen seasons and greater pollen production can turn a person’s own yard and community against them.

What is worse for residents of Minneapolis is the fact that, in 1999, the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board planted over 3,000 trees which happen to be heavy pollen-producers.  They chose these trees due to the fact that they require less maintenance than their female equivalents, which would drop seeds and require more care—trading high maintenance for higher levels of pollen.

As unfortunate as it is to remove a beautiful tree, if you have intense pollen allergies, you certainly want to consider adapting your landscape to ease your troubles as the pollen seasons intensify.  Tree pollen greatly affects the area immediately around the tree, as most will land within 90 feet of it.  Imagine the impact a pollen-producing tree can have if it is close to a window or doorway.

If the trees in your yard are producing a significant amount of pollen and are affecting your health, you may want to call a professional tree removal service in Minneapolis, such as AAA Emergency Tree Service at 642-235-6752.  We offer affordable rates and quick, professional Minneapolis tree removal.  Once the tree is gone, you can choose to replace the tree with its female equivalent or with a tree species which produces less pollen.


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