Minneapolis, MN Takes Initiative Against Emerald Ash Borer Using Tree Removal Services

Residents of Minneapolis, MN have had quite a struggle on their hands lately due to the emerald ash borer, a green beetle that infests and destroys local trees and causes a great deal of property damage in the process. Consequently, our arborists at AAA Emergency Tree Service have been kept busy due to the increased need for tree removal services to combat this pest. Take a look at the following article for an overview of this problem and how our arborists can help you keep your property free of it.

The Emerald Ash Borer

Much like other borers, the emerald ash borer works by infesting trees and destroying their vascular system, which can lead to decreased functioning and even death. At AAA Emergency Tree Service, our experts understand the nature of emerald ash borer infestations and can ensure that the infestation is removed and your trees are well prepared to resist them in the future.

Factors That Increase Infestation Rates
• Firewood
• Climate change
• Drought

Ash Trees

Ash trees in particular cannot resist the emerald ash borer and suffer greatly from the impact of their larvae. Infestation can lead to branch dieback and even death, which can cause great damage to the surrounding environment. Although the city is being proactive with public trees, private trees are your responsibility, so keep an eye on your ash trees for signs of infestation.

How Does Infestation Occur?

Infestations of emerald ash borers are spreading from state to state through firewood. Furthermore, climate change and environmental factors such as drought also increase the chances of infestation, so states that possess these characteristics are at a higher risk for infestation. As a homeowner, keep a close eye on your weaker trees, especially the aforementioned ash tees, to ensure that you can catch the infestation before it causes damage.

How is Minneapolis, MN Fighting Back?

The city of Minneapolis is actively combating this pest by replacing weaker city trees, such as ash trees, with stronger ones that are not as susceptible to the emerald ash borer. This project began in 2014 and has $9 million in backing, with the goal of taking down 40,000 ash trees in the city’s parks, boulevards and gold courses. Not only will this cut down on the population of borers, they will have nowhere to go since infected wood from the olds trees is being disposed of. For homeowners that are having difficulty getting rid of this pest, our tree removal services can help you fight back and get you yard back to its original condition.

For Minneapolis, MN homeowners that are facing emerald ash borer infestation, give our experts at AAA Emergency Tree Service a call immediately at 642-235-6752 and we can help you fix the situation before any further damage occurs. Our tree removal services will rid your yard of infested trees and ensure that all of their remains are removed to prevent future infestations.


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