How Contacting a Los Angeles Emergency Tree Service Could Save an Entire Species of Trees, as Evidenced by the Eradication of the Red Palm Weevil

Palm tree owners in Los Angeles can breathe a tiny sigh of relief: the Red Palm Weevil has been eradicated from Laguna Beach!  The eradication of the Red Palm Weevil is a model example of how your efforts as homeowners, in collaboration with agricultural departments in your area, can have a massive impact on issues which plague trees and plants.

At AAA Emergency Tree Service we try to raise awareness of over-grown insect populations and of proper disposal of infected wood in the hopes that it will help reduce the spread of pests.  It is always unfortunate when several trees are infected, during and outbreak, and must be removed.  To hear that there has been success in eliminating such a devastating pest gives us cause to celebrate.

Red Palm Weevils can be detrimental and deadly to palm trees.  They lay a giant quantity of eggs at once and those eggs take little time to hatch.  The Weevil larvae destroy the Palms’ vascular systems, on which trees depend for nutrients and survival.  Without the attention that this potential infestation received, the classic California palm landscape could have suffered greatly.

AAA Emergency Tree Service wants to encourage Los Angeles residents to be vigilant tree owners, with an eye out for diseases, pests and fungi which could cause major problems for the area.  To do your part as a tree owner, it is important that you:

  • Keep up with your local reports
  • Treat your trees as per suggestion, when pest populations are threatening
  • Monitor pest activity and other signs of problems that your tree may display
  • Report pest populations immediately
  • Seek professional help in the instance of an infestation


Many pests that are similar to the Red Palm Weevil will show little indication of their presence until it is too late.  Your first sign may be as significant as a felled branch.  If you discover a pest problem and you’re concerned that your tree needs to be removed, call AAA Emergency Tree Service for an inspection and for effective Los Angeles emergency tree services, at 323-263-6024.  Our experienced staff may be able to pose alternative solutions if the pest is treatable.  However, if your tree is already displaying evidence of decay and life loss, it may be best to have it removed immediately via our Los Angeles emergency tree service in order to prevent property damage and maintain the infestation.


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