Help Minneapolis to Maintain a Beneficial Urban Tree Canopy with Expert Minneapolis Tree Trimming Services from AAA Emergency Tree Service

Have you ever heard of the software program known as “i-Tree?”  This software has been enabling communities across the United States and the world to better understand the benefits of their city trees.  The software is public domain, developed by the USDA Forest Service, and has already been used by a variety of individuals and groups, from volunteers and non-profits to architects and homeowners.  The software offers various tools, such as “i-Tree canopy,” for an assessment of urban tree cover, and “i-Streets,” for an assessment of area street trees.

According to a Minneapolis study with i-Tree, communities can use and gather information in order to improve and better manage their urban canopies.  They can actually quantify the financial returns of individual trees, based on their broader analysis.  What they have found is that, in Minneapolis, the beneficial returns of trees are much greater than the costs of such necessities as Minneapolis tree trimming services.

In 2005, before the software was officially released to public domain, an i-Tree study of Minneapolis street trees showed that each tree averaged a 150% return on investment!  The statistics used factored in the costs of maintenance, planting and even administration, while they also factored in the benefits of carbon dioxide reductions, aesthetics and energy savings.  They found that the street trees returned an average of $125 per year.  Larger trees, of course, offered the greatest return, but small trees still showed significant benefits.

Further studies have shown that Minneapolis has had a consistently beneficial tree canopy over the years.  The Minneapolis urban treescape is actually considered one of the top ten in the nation by the U.S. Forest Service.

It is difficult to determine the value of the trees in your yard at a glance.  By appearance, it may not seem that your trees are really doing anything for you.  You don’t get that $125 in-hand with your tax return, so you may be hesitant to call for professional tree trimming services in Minneapolis when your trees need care.  However, without proper maintenance, the benefits of your trees are likely to diminish.  In urban tree studies, trees in poor condition were found to produce fewer benefits than those in good health. The following are the nearly invisible benefits that your healthy yard trees are affording you:

  • Management of storm water
  • Reduction of carbon dioxide
  • Enhanced aesthetics and property value
  • Improved air quality
  • Improved energy savings

To keep the urban tree canopy going strong, and to maximize on the benefits that your trees can offer, get in touch with AAA Emergency Tree Service by calling 642-235-6752 for cost-effective Minneapolis tree trimming. Our thoughtful trimming services will allow your tree to stay in peak condition, so that it can continue to perform at full capacity for years to come.


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