Get San Diego Tree Removal from AAA Emergency Tree Service and Begin Again with Low-Maintenance Flowering Trees

It’s no secret that California is experiencing its worst drought in over 1,000 years, thanks to the combination of the drought itself and increasingly intense heat.  It’s almost impossible to discuss tree health in San Diego without considering the effects of the drought.  Yard after yard, in San Diego, is being flipped for more hardy materials, plants and trees.  AAA Emergency Tree Service, a San Diego tree removal company, has played a vital role in effectively removing trees for these homeowners.

Your own trees are probably struggling, displaying stress and losing the fight against opportunistic pests.  The benefits that your trees once afforded are likely to be a thing of the past: shade, beauty, property value.  Are you clinging to these once-desirable trees with the idea that, one day, they will return to their former grace?  Are you concerned that trees which are more suitable to dry environments won’t enhance or beautify your landscape?

Hardy, drought-resistant trees can be just as splendid as those with high water demands.  Consider, for example, the following fruit trees—suggested by—each of which feature gorgeous flowers and lush greenery without much need for water.  These trees can grow between 15 and 30 feet, leaving you several options for replacing various trees in your yard.

  • The Texas Olive sprouts dark green leaves and blooms with white flowers, which draw both butterflies and hummingbirds.
  • The Chaste Tree displays lavender blue flowers and is also much-loved by butterflies.
  • The Texas Mountain Laurel sports beautiful purple flowers and can reach heights up to 25 feet.
  • The Palo Verde features brilliant yellow flowers and green branches.
  • The Primrose Tree can display pink, white or rose flowers.

There are many beautiful plants, shrubs and vines which also make for gorgeous landscape accents without soaking up much water.  If you’ve been on the fence about flipping your landscape, you can get an honest assessment from AAA Emergency Tree Service by reaching out to us at 619-550-4471.  It may be time to get tree removal in San Diego for your yard trees and plant a few of these wonderful flowering trees in their place.  Our San Diego tree removal services are extremely dependable and inexpensive, which will leave you with space in your budget to develop a new, exciting and sustainable landscape.


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