Sacramento, CA Trees Have Had It out with the Drought—Get Expert Tree Removal Services from AAA Emergency Tree Service

For residents of Sacramento, CA, the effects of drought on land is easy to see; from dead grass to withering plants, lack of water can take down even the strongest areas of wildlife. When it comes to trees, the effects are less apparent but just as dangerous. At AAA Emergency TreeService, our arborists can notice the early effects of drought in trees and provide repair and tree removal services to maintain the health of your yard.

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Root Damage to your Driveway Puts a Dent in your Property Value – Call AAA Emergency Tree Service for Los Angeles, CA Tree Removal

Although tripping over an uneven or lifted sidewalk is a common and typically harmless occurrence, sometimes these incidents can lead to more serious injuries. Homeowners typically don’t realize that this problem usually stems from their tree roots until it’s too late. At AAA Emergency Tree Service, our experts can perform Los Angeles, CA tree removal services to ensure that the rooting systems of your trees aren’t causing any problems with the surrounding environment. 

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If Your White Birch Is Choked by Bronzed Birch Borers, Get Los Angeles, CA Tree Removal from AAA Emergency Tree Service

One of the most common California trees is the White Birch, providing a beautiful addition to every neighborhood that they exist in. Despite their popularity and aesthetic appeal, the hot climate of Los Angeles, CA actually runs contrary to the moist, cool environments that they thrive in, leading to increased maintenance requirements and a higher susceptibility to diseases and deficiencies such as heart rot, leaf spots and chlorosis. When not properly cared for, white birches can succumb to the hot California climate and lead to the necessity of tree removal services.

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For More Bountiful Fruit Trees Next Year, Get Denver, CO Tree Trimming in the Winter from AAA Emergency Tree Service

One of the best parts of the summertime in Denver, CO is reaping the benefits of your fruit trees; pears, peaches and apples are just a few of the delicious offerings that you can get from your trees if you keep them healthy. Enlisting our Denver, CO tree trimming services at AAA Emergency Tree Service during the wintertime is the best way to keep your trees healthy throughout the rough weather and ensure that they’re prepared to survive the summer months, which pose more risks such as pests and diseases.

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Schedule Your Denver, CO Tree Trimming for the Winter with AAA Emergency Tree Service

When the cold weather hits and your trees become less attractive, many people forget about tree maintenance. With little to focus on in the way of physical appearance, homeowners falsely assume that there is nothing more they can do until the spring hits. Despite this misconception, wintertime is actually one of the safest and best times to have tree trimming and maintenance performed. For residents of Denver, CO getting ready to forget about their trees, consider taking advantage of the cold weather to keep your trees in shape throughout the winter season.

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AAA Emergency Tree Service Says Los Angeles, CA Tree Trimming in the Winter Is for the Birds!

On top of the obvious safety benefits for your home and yard,tree trimming in the winter is a great way for Los Angeles, CA residents to support the birds and wildlife that will be using your trees as a home. With over 250 species of birds that live and nest during the warmer months, ensuring that your tree maintenance services are beneficialto wildlife is something that Los Angeles, CA residentsshould do. At AAA Emergency Tree Service, our arborists can conduct just the right amount of trimming for your trees to ensure that the wildlife in your yard is disturbed as little as possible.

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AAA Emergency Tree Service Helps Seattle Residents Part with Dying Trees through Efficient Tree Removal Services

Seattle, Washington – Nationwide tree removal company AAA Emergency Tree Service is offering their expertise to help local Seattle residents part with diseased and dying trees. With the multitude of diseases that can harm your trees and pose dangers to your property, the services offered by AAA Emergency Tree Service are a great choice to rid yourself of these problems as effectively as possible before they cause more destruction to buildings or autos.

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Silver Maple Tree Trimming Advice for Denver Residents

Silver maples, Denver’s most common shade tree, are known for their vulnerability due to the soft nature of their bark and wood, which leaves them susceptible to fungal infections. Our tree trimming experts at AAA Emergency Tree Service are familiar with silver maple trees and can aid you in ensuring that they are well-kept and healthy. If you are a resident of Denver, Colorado and dealing with any problems with your silver maple trees, take a look at the following article for some tips and advice.

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Everything You Need to Know about Emergency Tree Service for Maples

After a week of enjoying every moment of your vacation you’re finally approaching your street, eager to settle into your home and relax. You pull up to your driveway and there it is: a fallen maple tree that has crushed your roof. Nobody wants to be put into this situation, but without proper care and an awareness of maple tree maintenance, this is something that can happen to anyone. At AAA Emergency Tree Service, our fast, 24 hour emergency tree service is always a call away to help you through stressful events like these.  Take a look at some tips that you should know about maintaining your maple trees, straight from our experts.

As you probably know as a Seattle resident, maple trees are quite popular; with their large, pointy leaves and lustrous size, they offer great aesthetic value for parks and homes. Furthermore, they are also quite sturdy and resistant to extreme weather conditions. Unfortunately, the Asian long-horned beetle is currently threatening maple trees, with infestations spreading all across the United States and Canada. To make matters worse, even smaller pests such as scale insects can pose problems in larger numbers. Although maple trees can handle small to moderate amounts of these insects, if they become overwhelmed the trees will eventually succumb and die.

Fungal diseases
Maple trees are also affected by numerous fungal infections. Some of these diseases, including the sooty bark disease, can cause significant damages and tree death. Others such as root rot are typically not deadly and usually result in little more than disfigurements in appearance. If you think that your maple trees have a disease that may lead to death, our emergency tree service experts can help you identify the cause and, if necessary, determine the best method of removal.

Storm vulnerability
Although maple trees are better able to resist storms than the more brittle trees such as elms and birches, enough exposure can lead to damage severe enough to topple your tree. One of the best ways to increase storm vulnerability is to prune the weakened or dying limbs and branches from the crowns of your maple. Another way to decrease your maple’s storm vulnerability is to have an arborist strengthen it by cabling or bracing weakened limbs and crotch splitting. Any of our experts can do either of these things for you at AAA Emergency Tree Service.

The death of a maple tree can lead to yard damage or worse; ensuring that you are familiar with all of the above threats is the best way to make sure that you will recognize the onset of a disease or threat and call an emergency tree service in time. At AAA Emergency Tree Service, our experts are always on-call and ready to get to you as soon as possible, so don’t hesitate to give us a call at 888-630-0555 if you feel that your maple tree is threatened by any of the above problems.

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