Anchor Roots Plagued by Fungi Make for Unsafe Trees in Denver, CO–Knowing When Tree Removal is Necessary

Trees are held up and fed by their rooting systems, making it an extremely important part of their anatomy. When this system fails, trees can become a danger to their surrounding environment and lead to property damage and injury. For Denver, CO residents that have noticed an excessive amount of mushrooms or fungi near their tree’s trunk, it likely means that their rooting systems are in danger and tree removal may be necessary. Take a look at the following article for more information straight from our AAA Emergency Tree Service experts.

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Prepare for Tree Trimming Season in Minneapolis, MN with Professional Services from AAA Emergency Tree Service

If you live in the Minneapolis, MN area, the best time to have tree trimming conducted is in the late winter, typically between the months of February and March. Late winter trimming decreases the chances of fire blight infestation and allows for a faster healing process. Call our experts at AAA Emergency Tree Serviceto take advantage of this prime time of year and keep your trees in top shape.

Fire Blight

Fire blight is a systemic disease that is transmitted through honeybees, insects, birds, wind and rain, and can cause your trees to turn blackened and cracked. Fire blight affects trees most during the springtime due to the tenderness of new shoots and leaves, making it a wise choice to have your trees trimmed in the late winter right before spring hits.If left untreated, trees affected by fire blight can die.

Plant with fire blight

Plant with fire blight

Why Tree Trimming Promotes Healthy Trees

Trimming your trees provides plenty of benefits and can help your trees live a longer and healthier life. An example of a beneficial trimming procedure is crown cleaning, which involves removing dead and decaying branches from the top of your tree. Crown cleaning allows more light and nutrients to reach the branches of your trees and prevents the spread of decay and diseases such as the aforementioned fire blight.

Winter Trimming

During the winter season, trees are better at adapting to branch loss and develop less callous tissue around pruning cuts. Furthermore, tree pathogens are dormant during the cold weather, leading to less spread of infectious disease. These are just a few of the main reasons why trimming during the winter season is beneficial and more optimal than performing this work during the summer time.

Why Choose Us?

At AAA Emergency Tree Service, our experts can pinpoint dead and decaying branches and remove them with ease, allowing your tree to thrive. We can also pinpoint branches that will be problematic in the future and remove them before any problems occur. Furthermore, our arborists are great at what they do and you will never have to worry about them over-trimming or under-trimming your trees. Each trim job will be conducted in a way that ensures optimal tree health and does not affect your tree’s ability to distribute its energy and continue to grow.

Our tree trimming services are a great benefit for Minneapolis, MN residents and will ensure that all hazards to your tree are removed and prevented from occurring in the future. AAA Emergency Tree Servicehas a long history in the field, which is why people trust us to identify dead branches, prevent disease and identify weak areas on their trees. If you have any concerns about your tree’s health and want a professional opinion, give us a call at give us a call at 642-235-6752.

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Salt Damage Is Not the End for a Denver, CO Tree – Take Advantage of Our Tree Trimming Services

Many Denver, CO trees are located near roads and walkways where salt is used to melt ice. Deicing salts can damage, weaken and even kill trees if they are not cared for properly, making it essential to keep an eye out for salt damage during the rough winter weather. Our AAA Emergency Tree Service experts have outlined some of the symptoms and dangers of salt damage below, as well as how professional tree trimming can help you avoid it.

How to Catch Salt Damage

Keeping an eye out for the signs of salt damage is important and can be the difference between a damaged and dead tree. One big sign of salt damage is a lack of bud blossoming due to the chloride in salts preventing the process. Additionally, leaf death and pre-mature leaf fall as early as August are two other signs that your tree is suffering from salt damage. Interestingly, a characteristic unique to salt damage in evergreen trees is that their upper crown needles become more damaged than the lower ones.

Signs of Salt Damage

  • Lack of bud blossoming
  • Leaf death
  • Early leaf fall

Silent but Deadly

Although symptoms can sometimes appear very quickly, other times they will take a long period of time to manifest. One of our recent jobs consisted of the removal of a dead tree that died due to salt that had been absorbed over the past few years. Salt damage may not sound serious but it can turn deadly over a long period of time, so make sure you keep your eye out for the signs and symptoms mentioned above.

Most Vulnerable Trees

Roads and walkways are salted the most frequently during the wintertime, making trees in these areas most susceptible to salt damage. However, trees from farther away can still be damaged if their roots draw water from drainage pipes. Regular tree trimming and maintenance of all trees in your yard is recommended to ensure their optimal health.

Benefits of Trimming

Trimming your trees helps you remove dead and dying branches, decreasing the likelihood of pests and diseases taking over. With salt damage already a big problem this time of year, the last thing that you need is decaying wood promoting more damage.

For Denver, CO residents looking to keep their trees in top shape during the cold season, our AAA Emergency Tree Service arborists are happy to provide you with quality and personalized tree trimming services. We can help you determine which trees have the potential to be saved through maintenance and which ones are hazards better off removed. Give us a call today at 888-630-0555 and we can give your home a personalized assessment.

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Let AAA Emergency Tree Service Perform Your Winter Fruit Tree Trimming in Chicago, IL

A quick stroll through the residential neighborhoods of Chicago, IL will give you an idea of how many fruit trees grow in front and back yards. Fruit trees require proper care and attention to keep their stamina high and health strong, and tree trimming is a great way to achieve this. Our arborists at AAA Emergency Tree Service can provide your fruit trees with effective trimming services to ensure that your apple and pear trees remain healthy through the cold weather and are ready for the spring.

Why Trim in the Winter?

Enlisting a professional to conduct tree trimming on your fruit trees during the winter poses many benefits and is an ideal choice compared to trimming during the hotter seasons. One big benefit is the decreased likelihood of disease and insect transference. Cold weather pushes most insects and diseases into hiding, meaning trimming is safe and effective during those times. Furthermore, trimming during the winter can be accomplished without disturbing the tree’s internal nutrient and growth system, something that can more easily occur when trimming during the hotter months.

Benefits of Winter Trimming

  • Less diseases and insects
  • Less tree disturbance
  • Easier to diagnose dead and diseased branches

Benefits of Trimming

Keeping your trees trimmed regularly will not only increase their stamina, but it will decrease the amount of trimming that needs to be conducted later on in their life. Fruit trees in particular benefit from regular trimming as it helps them stay healthy and strong enough to grow quality fruits in the warmer months.

Advantages of Consulting a Professional

Our tree trimming professionals at AAA Emergency Tree Serviceare fully aware of the common diseases and pests that attack trees, as well as the signs of disease and death. Without the proper knowledge of these factors, trimming on your own can lead to damage and pose dangers to other trees and plants in your yard.

Another benefit of hiring a professional is that it will save you the time that it takes to do it on your own. For busy people without the time to care for their yard, hiring someone qualified to do it for you is the best way to ensure that your trees and yard do not suffer because of your hectic schedule.

For Chicago, IL residents looking to have tree trimming services performed on their fruit trees, our experienced arborists can get the job done in a fast and effective manner. Not only will they get your trees healthy and ready for the warm weather, they will advise you on active threats to your trees such as fungi and diseases and inform you on the steps you can take to maintain your trees’ health well into the future. For more information, give us a call at 773-467-7056.

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Making Room for Native Trees of the Future with European Ash Tree Removal in Seattle, WA

Residents of Seattle, WA are all aware of the beauty of European mountain ash trees, an extremely adaptable tree that can survive in dry and cold climates with ease. Despite this, they are still considered an invasive species and are on the weed watch list for monitoring. At AAA Emergency Tree Service, our tree removal experts understand the various characteristics of this tree and how to ensure that it does not become a problem.

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When Honeylocusts Submit to Nectria Cankers, Get Minneapolis, MN Tree Removal from AAA Emergency Tree Service

Despite the honeylocust’s resilience against common stressors such as drought, de-icing salt and poor soil conditions, this tree often falls victim to cankers that can lead to hazards including branch die-back. For Minneapolis, MN residents, the popularity of honeylocusts and their increased frequency in our urban forests means that owners must be adamant in keeping an eye out for this damaging fungus. Without proper maintenance you may need to resort to tree removal services and lose your cherished trees.

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Minimizing Potential for Sap Bleeding with Early Winter Tree Trimming in Seattle, WA from AAA Emergency Tree Service

For residents of Seattle, WA, tree trimming can lead to sap bleeding if conducted improperly. The best time to prune trees that produce sap is in the late fall to early winter due to lower sap levels and the dormancy of the trees. At AAA Emergency Tree Service, our experts can help you trim your trees at the optimal time in a timely and professional manner to ensure that they’re ready for the winter.

Sap Bleeding

As mentioned above, sap bleeding can occur when trimming is conducted when sap levels are high during the late winter. This is why tree trimming of sap producing trees such as beeches, birches and maples is best done during the late fall or early winter, as bleeding will be at a minimum.

Is Sap Bleeding Harmful?

You may be wondering why sap bleeding is such a big deal and if it can actually cause any significant damage to your trees. Although sap bleeding does not usually cause harm to a tree initially, over time excessive bleeding can weaken the tree and even cause tree death. This can lead to damage to your home and property, so in the long run ignoring the problem of sap bleeding can be disastrous.

Sap bleeding also attracts squirrels and other small animals, which can cause damage to your tree with scratching and ultimately lead to a tree’s death just like excessive sap. Additionally, having excessive sap on your tree is an aesthetic issue that can ruin the appearance of your trees and yard and decrease the value of your home.

The Consequences of Untrimmed Trees

Many people with little trimming experience decide to skip on the procedure as a way to save money. Unfortunately, failing to trim your trees can lead to them growing out of control and causing damage to your yard and the tree itself. Regular trimming and pruning is essential to ensure that your trees don’t get out of control and won’t cause any damage to your yard. Failing to do so will cost you much more money in the long run, so it’s a good idea to hire a professional to conduct trimming services properly and effectively.

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When the Tussock Moth Takes Its Toll, Get Sacramento, CA Tree Trimming Services from AAA Emergency Tree Service

For residents of Sacramento, CA, white firs and Douglas-firs are currently experiencing threat from tussock moths due to a surge in their population. Although the defoliation of these trees by tussock moths is natural, extreme outbreaks are not uncommon and can put them at risk. If you notice any signs of extreme defoliation in your white firs or Douglas-firs, contact our tree trimming experts at AAA Emergency Tree Service and we can help you decide on the next steps to take. 

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The Problem with Eucalyptus in California and When to Request San Diego, CA Tree Removal

Although eucalyptus trees used to grow in San Diego, CA with little problem, as time passed they have become difficult to maintain due to diseases and pests. To make matters worse, their shallow rooting systems and extreme flammability increase their hazards, making regular maintenance a necessity. Our tree removal experts at AAA Emergency Tree Service understand the many dangers that can affect this particular tree and can help ensure that they remain in top shape throughout the year. 

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Chicago, IL Tree Removal and the Emerald Ash Borer Epidemic

If you’re a resident of Chicago, IL then you’ve likely heard about the emerald ash borer, a green beetle that has been infesting and destroying local ash trees since 2002. Since it has made its way into Chicago, millions of trees have been destroyed, giving our arborists at AAA Emergency Tree Service plenty of tree removal work to conduct. Take a look at the following article for an overview of this beetle and how our experts can help. 

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