Help Minneapolis to Maintain a Beneficial Urban Tree Canopy with Expert Minneapolis Tree Trimming Services from AAA Emergency Tree Service

Have you ever heard of the software program known as “i-Tree?”  This software has been enabling communities across the United States and the world to better understand the benefits of their city trees.  The software is public domain, developed by the USDA Forest Service, and has already been used by a variety of individuals and groups, from volunteers and non-profits to architects and homeowners.  The software offers various tools, such as “i-Tree canopy,” for an assessment of urban tree cover, and “i-Streets,” for an assessment of area street trees.

According to a Minneapolis study with i-Tree, communities can use and gather information in order to improve and better manage their urban canopies.  They can actually quantify the financial returns of individual trees, based on their broader analysis.  What they have found is that, in Minneapolis, the beneficial returns of trees are much greater than the costs of such necessities as Minneapolis tree trimming services.

In 2005, before the software was officially released to public domain, an i-Tree study of Minneapolis street trees showed that each tree averaged a 150% return on investment!  The statistics used factored in the costs of maintenance, planting and even administration, while they also factored in the benefits of carbon dioxide reductions, aesthetics and energy savings.  They found that the street trees returned an average of $125 per year.  Larger trees, of course, offered the greatest return, but small trees still showed significant benefits.

Further studies have shown that Minneapolis has had a consistently beneficial tree canopy over the years.  The Minneapolis urban treescape is actually considered one of the top ten in the nation by the U.S. Forest Service.

It is difficult to determine the value of the trees in your yard at a glance.  By appearance, it may not seem that your trees are really doing anything for you.  You don’t get that $125 in-hand with your tax return, so you may be hesitant to call for professional tree trimming services in Minneapolis when your trees need care.  However, without proper maintenance, the benefits of your trees are likely to diminish.  In urban tree studies, trees in poor condition were found to produce fewer benefits than those in good health. The following are the nearly invisible benefits that your healthy yard trees are affording you:

  • Management of storm water
  • Reduction of carbon dioxide
  • Enhanced aesthetics and property value
  • Improved air quality
  • Improved energy savings

To keep the urban tree canopy going strong, and to maximize on the benefits that your trees can offer, get in touch with AAA Emergency Tree Service by calling 642-235-6752 for cost-effective Minneapolis tree trimming. Our thoughtful trimming services will allow your tree to stay in peak condition, so that it can continue to perform at full capacity for years to come.

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Minneapolis Tree Removal could Greatly Benefit Allergy Sufferers this Year

Many Minneapolis residents are already feeling the difference in their allergies, this year.  In fact, some allergy sufferers are reporting that their symptoms are going beyond the usual congestion and itchy eyes, saying that they feel ill and even weak.  Several have ended up in the hospital and are considering getting Minneapolis tree removal services in order to reduce the pollen in their immediate environment.

What is it about this year that is making allergies worse for everyone?  According to climate studies over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in pollen production for two main reasons:

  • Increased carbon
  • Climate warming

Due to the increase in carbon in the atmosphere, plants, like ragweed, and trees, like birches and oaks, are actually capable of producing more pollen.  Due to warmer and warmer days, the pollen season has been lengthening over the years.  Longer pollen seasons and greater pollen production can turn a person’s own yard and community against them.

What is worse for residents of Minneapolis is the fact that, in 1999, the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board planted over 3,000 trees which happen to be heavy pollen-producers.  They chose these trees due to the fact that they require less maintenance than their female equivalents, which would drop seeds and require more care—trading high maintenance for higher levels of pollen.

As unfortunate as it is to remove a beautiful tree, if you have intense pollen allergies, you certainly want to consider adapting your landscape to ease your troubles as the pollen seasons intensify.  Tree pollen greatly affects the area immediately around the tree, as most will land within 90 feet of it.  Imagine the impact a pollen-producing tree can have if it is close to a window or doorway.

If the trees in your yard are producing a significant amount of pollen and are affecting your health, you may want to call a professional tree removal service in Minneapolis, such as AAA Emergency Tree Service at 642-235-6752.  We offer affordable rates and quick, professional Minneapolis tree removal.  Once the tree is gone, you can choose to replace the tree with its female equivalent or with a tree species which produces less pollen.

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Get San Diego Tree Removal from AAA Emergency Tree Service and Begin Again with Low-Maintenance Flowering Trees

It’s no secret that California is experiencing its worst drought in over 1,000 years, thanks to the combination of the drought itself and increasingly intense heat.  It’s almost impossible to discuss tree health in San Diego without considering the effects of the drought.  Yard after yard, in San Diego, is being flipped for more hardy materials, plants and trees.  AAA Emergency Tree Service, a San Diego tree removal company, has played a vital role in effectively removing trees for these homeowners.

Your own trees are probably struggling, displaying stress and losing the fight against opportunistic pests.  The benefits that your trees once afforded are likely to be a thing of the past: shade, beauty, property value.  Are you clinging to these once-desirable trees with the idea that, one day, they will return to their former grace?  Are you concerned that trees which are more suitable to dry environments won’t enhance or beautify your landscape?

Hardy, drought-resistant trees can be just as splendid as those with high water demands.  Consider, for example, the following fruit trees—suggested by—each of which feature gorgeous flowers and lush greenery without much need for water.  These trees can grow between 15 and 30 feet, leaving you several options for replacing various trees in your yard.

  • The Texas Olive sprouts dark green leaves and blooms with white flowers, which draw both butterflies and hummingbirds.
  • The Chaste Tree displays lavender blue flowers and is also much-loved by butterflies.
  • The Texas Mountain Laurel sports beautiful purple flowers and can reach heights up to 25 feet.
  • The Palo Verde features brilliant yellow flowers and green branches.
  • The Primrose Tree can display pink, white or rose flowers.

There are many beautiful plants, shrubs and vines which also make for gorgeous landscape accents without soaking up much water.  If you’ve been on the fence about flipping your landscape, you can get an honest assessment from AAA Emergency Tree Service by reaching out to us at 619-550-4471.  It may be time to get tree removal in San Diego for your yard trees and plant a few of these wonderful flowering trees in their place.  Our San Diego tree removal services are extremely dependable and inexpensive, which will leave you with space in your budget to develop a new, exciting and sustainable landscape.

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How Contacting a Los Angeles Emergency Tree Service Could Save an Entire Species of Trees, as Evidenced by the Eradication of the Red Palm Weevil

Palm tree owners in Los Angeles can breathe a tiny sigh of relief: the Red Palm Weevil has been eradicated from Laguna Beach!  The eradication of the Red Palm Weevil is a model example of how your efforts as homeowners, in collaboration with agricultural departments in your area, can have a massive impact on issues which plague trees and plants.

At AAA Emergency Tree Service we try to raise awareness of over-grown insect populations and of proper disposal of infected wood in the hopes that it will help reduce the spread of pests.  It is always unfortunate when several trees are infected, during and outbreak, and must be removed.  To hear that there has been success in eliminating such a devastating pest gives us cause to celebrate.

Red Palm Weevils can be detrimental and deadly to palm trees.  They lay a giant quantity of eggs at once and those eggs take little time to hatch.  The Weevil larvae destroy the Palms’ vascular systems, on which trees depend for nutrients and survival.  Without the attention that this potential infestation received, the classic California palm landscape could have suffered greatly.

AAA Emergency Tree Service wants to encourage Los Angeles residents to be vigilant tree owners, with an eye out for diseases, pests and fungi which could cause major problems for the area.  To do your part as a tree owner, it is important that you:

  • Keep up with your local reports
  • Treat your trees as per suggestion, when pest populations are threatening
  • Monitor pest activity and other signs of problems that your tree may display
  • Report pest populations immediately
  • Seek professional help in the instance of an infestation


Many pests that are similar to the Red Palm Weevil will show little indication of their presence until it is too late.  Your first sign may be as significant as a felled branch.  If you discover a pest problem and you’re concerned that your tree needs to be removed, call AAA Emergency Tree Service for an inspection and for effective Los Angeles emergency tree services, at 323-263-6024.  Our experienced staff may be able to pose alternative solutions if the pest is treatable.  However, if your tree is already displaying evidence of decay and life loss, it may be best to have it removed immediately via our Los Angeles emergency tree service in order to prevent property damage and maintain the infestation.

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Tree Removal in Sacramento from AAA Emergency Tree Service can Significantly Improve Your Water Conservation Potential

The residents of Sacramento are doing an excellent job of conserving their water. They even beat Los Angeles residents for water conservation in November of 2014. Los Angeles has been developing a reputation for low water consumption, throughout the lengthy drought in California, but their success can be attributed to their incentive programs and their cooler summer climate. Sacramento’s incentive programs are only just beginning to roll out, and it would be much more difficult for them to out-do Los Angeles’ summer conservation numbers.

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AAA Emergency Tree Service Helps Control English Ivy to Keep Older Trees in Seattle, WA from Turning Hazardous

For Seattle, WA homeowners with older trees on their property, the English ivy can pose significant hazards and possibly lead to tree death. Older trees nearing the end of their life cycle have a hard time resisting the effects of the English ivy, making it essential for you to keep an eye on your elder trees for signs of danger. Our arborists at AAA Emergency Tree Service can help you protect your older trees from this problem and ensure that their health is maintained.

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Armillaria Root Rot: How Tree Removal Can Combat This Chicago, IL Tree-Killer

Armillaria root rot is a disease caused by a variety of dangerous fungi that many Chicago, IL residents have been seeing in increasing numbers as of late. Although some trees are more commonly infected than others, this disease has the potential to kill almost any kind of tree by entering through wounds that are created from root cutting, lawn mower injuries and animal claw marks. If your trees are suffering due to these fungi, our AAA Emergency Tree Service experts can help your yard with our tree removal services and ensure that your trees are prepared to fight them off effectively.

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Desiccation and Frost Crack Create Hazardous Trees: Advice from OurDenver, CO Emergency Tree Service Professionals

During Denver, CO’s harsh winter months the rapid fluctuations in temperature can cause many problems for trees, leading to dead and damaged branches that can cause property damage and danger to residents. At AAA Emergency Tree Service, our licensed arborists can ensure that your trees remain healthy and safe in the rough winter weather and survive the transition to the warmer months.

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Minneapolis, MN Takes Initiative Against Emerald Ash Borer Using Tree Removal Services

Residents of Minneapolis, MN have had quite a struggle on their hands lately due to the emerald ash borer, a green beetle that infests and destroys local trees and causes a great deal of property damage in the process. Consequently, our arborists at AAA Emergency Tree Service have been kept busy due to the increased need for tree removal services to combat this pest. Take a look at the following article for an overview of this problem and how our arborists can help you keep your property free of it.

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