Armillaria Root Rot: How Tree Removal Can Combat This Chicago, IL Tree-Killer

Armillaria root rot is a disease caused by a variety of dangerous fungi that many Chicago, IL residents have been seeing in increasing numbers as of late. Although some trees are more commonly infected than others, this disease has the potential to kill almost any kind of tree by entering through wounds that are created from root cutting, lawn mower injuries and animal claw marks. If your trees are suffering due to these fungi, our AAA Emergency Tree Service experts can help your yard with our tree removal services and ensure that your trees are prepared to fight them off effectively.

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Commonly Affected Trees

• Maples
• Oaks
• Douglas-Firs
• Beeches
• Birches
• Poplars

Armillaria Root Rot

Several different members of the Armillaria genus are the cause of this disease, which is why it has such a broad host range. With a variety of fungi causing the disease, literally hundreds of different trees and shrubs types are susceptible to it, making it very hazardous. If you notice any signs of Armillaria root rot, contact our arborists and we can determine if tree removal is necessary. In some cases, the tree may still be able to be saved and removal will not be necessary.

How to Identify Infection

Some signs of Armillaria root rot to look for on your trees are honey-colored mushrooms at the base, branch dieback at the top and loose bark. Homeowners with oak and maple trees should pay careful attention to them, as they are the most commonly affected trees. Additionally, they can be quite hazardous when infected and lead to extensive property damage.Take a look at the list above for more trees that are commonly affected by this disease.

Keeping the Disease Away

Our experts not only understand how to remove the Armillaria disease, but how to ensure that it will not return. There are many methods to accomplish this, some of which include identification of infected wood, ensuring non-susceptible crops are in the proximity and the burning of prune wastes. You shouldn’t worry about not having the proper knowledge to keep this disease away as our arborists will ensure that you are familiar with the steps to take to ensure that your yard is healthy and resistant.

Trees that are infected with Armillaria root rot typically die, which is why it is so important to hire tree removal experts to get rid of infected trees before it spreads. AAA Emergency Tree Service understands how to prevent the damage from infected trees from spreading and minimize the danger that this disease brings to your yard. For more information or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at 773-467-7056 and we will be happy to help you out.


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