AAA Emergency Tree Service Helps Control English Ivy to Keep Older Trees in Seattle, WA from Turning Hazardous

For Seattle, WA homeowners with older trees on their property, the English ivy can pose significant hazards and possibly lead to tree death. Older trees nearing the end of their life cycle have a hard time resisting the effects of the English ivy, making it essential for you to keep an eye on your elder trees for signs of danger. Our arborists at AAA Emergency Tree Service can help you protect your older trees from this problem and ensure that their health is maintained.

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English Ivy

The English ivy is a species of plant that is common in gardens, on house walls and around tree trunks, among other areas. It is considered to be an invasive species in many of the areas that it thrives and is of particular danger to older trees that are much more sensitive and in need of nutrients and sunlight. Keep an eye out for excess English ivy growth in your yard, especially if older trees are in the proximity.


The English ivy can grow viciously in the right conditions and in a large enough amount they can deprive trees of their nutrients and sunlight. In situations where these plants invade the canopy of a tree, the tree can become weakened and easily topple over in a storm. Preventing these situations and the damage that can stem from them is essential to ensure the safety and security of your property. If you do not know what to do, give our experts at AAA Emergency Tree Service a call and we can walk you through the next steps.

Aging Trees Are at Risk

In April of last year, our experts responded to a call from a person at a Seattle, WA home that returned to find that one of their old trees had been severely choked by an English ivy. As touched on above, older trees reaching the end of their life cycle are much more fragile and need all of the sunlight and nutrients that they can get. This makes it harder for them to resist the effects of the English ivy, so keep a close eye on them to ensure their health. Failure to do so can lead to them toppling over and causing damage or personal injury.

Keep the above tips in mind at all times and be attentive to the trees in your yard and the growth of invasive species. English ivy can grow at an alarmingly fast rate and before you know it, your older trees can be damaged and rotting. If you notice the growth of English ivy around your older trees or any signs of damage, give our AAA Emergency Tree Serviceexperts a call at 206-264-2785 and we can make sure that your trees are restored and safe from harm.


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